Australia’s fastest VW Fastback: Thommo’s ground-breaking V8 Sports Sedan

28 November 2013
What an awesome machine! Bryan Thomson’s Chev V8-powered VW Type III Fastback attracted a legion of fans when it erupted onto the sports sedan scene in 1974. Large opening at the front fed cooling air to the engine’s radiator and oil cooler.

A Type III Volkswagen would seem an unlikely weapon of choice if you were going into battle against the fastest sports sedans in Australia – unless you bolted a big fuel-injected 500 bhp V8 into the back of it and pulled the trigger!

Bryan Thomson did just that in the mid-1970s and created not only an insane-looking race car but an instant crowd favourite that even today remains vivid in the minds of many fans that witnessed its brief but brilliant career.

In just two thrilling seasons, Thomson (or ‘Thommo’ as the fans called him) in his wild German-American hybrid was Bob Jane’s nemesis in the 1974 and 1975 Marlboro Sports Sedan Series at Melbourne’s Calder Park Raceway.

Bob Jane and Bryan Thomson established a great rivalry in 1974 which was at its most intense when they clashed at Calder Park. You couldn’t get two more different looking race cars, yet they often raced close and hard like this.

The nail-biting gladiatorial battles between circuit owner Jane in his 6.0 litre V8 Holden HQ Monaro and Thomson in his 5.0 litre VW-Chev in those two seasons were must-see encounters that attracted huge crowds to each round.