Alan Hamilton’s 1968 Porsche 911 T/R

10 December 2012
Hamilton’s giant-killing 911 T/R made an impressive debut at the 1968 ATCC at Warwick Farm. (Image from:

The Porsche 911 T/R raced by Alan Hamilton in 1968-69 is arguably the most significant 911 to have competed in Australian motor sport.

It was not only the first of its type to race in the Australian Touring Car Championship but it also came within one point of winning the title outright in 1969, which would have been the biggest upset in ATCC history. It was a very special car, as you’ll soon discover.

The Porsche 911 attracts a level of global worship to rival that of any religion. Its astonishing successin so many different disciplines of the sport, from sports car racing to touring car racing to rallying over the past five decades alone would be enough to justify such a fanatical following.

However, another factor in its enduring popularity has been its ability to serve two roles for many owners – a practical and reliable commuter during the week and a competent club racer on the weekends.

This 911 ownership philosophy, which has been actively encouraged by Porsche, has made genuine supercar performance available to well-heeled gentleman racers or ‘weekend warriors’ all over the world for the past five decades.