1974 Porsche 911 Targa

1974 Porsche 911 Targa

Vehicle Specs

  • Engine:3.2
  • Transmission:5 speed manual
  • Body Style:Coupe
  • Trim:Black
  • Colour:Guards Red


Australian delivered , started off as a 2.7 Sportomatic , only had 3 prior owners , one of whom changed it to a 5 speed manual 3.2 engine and everthing else was a bit ordinary condition wise . The body is good and never had an accident .


Apart from the engine and gearbox , i have fully reupholsterd it , new roof and fully lined the luggage compartment , fitted front and rear spoilers , fog lights , fitted secuurity and central locking , new 944 electric seats , new stereo and done the oil and fuel lines and retuned the engine and fitted new injectors etc , which gave me an extra 28 hp . Next stage is the suspension seals and service the shocks , and finally the engine to come out and the engine bay and motor to get a makeover . With the 3.2 engine and practically no weight , it flies !

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