Financial Hardship Policy

If you need support with any of our insurance products or services, we’re here to help you.

Financial hardship

We’re committed to supporting customers facing financial hardship. Our Financial Hardship Policy can help you access support and services when you need them most.

How we can support you

If you’re in financial stress and are unable to pay money owed to us that is not a premium, we may — in certain circumstances — agree to:

  • offer instalment payments
  • delay or extend payment terms
  • put the recovery of monies on hold
  • release your debt (where appropriate)
  • agree with you to pay a reduced lump sum amount
  • deduct an excess from a claim amount (cash settlement), and/or
  • give you access to our financial hardship support team.

If you’re in financial stress and are unable to pay your premium, then we will work with you to see if we can support you to keep you covered. Support options may include:

  • offering instalment payments
  • Review your payment terms and dates
  • providing you with a review of your policy cover

Managing our debt collectors

Our agents have been trained to manage financial distress. However, you may still contact us. If you tell our collection agent or solicitor that you’re in financial distress they must notify us and will give you information in writing about our Financial Hardship process.

How to apply for support

If you’re going through financial hardship, please contact us today. We’ll provide you with a form to apply for financial support and help you through the application process.

Please let us know if we can help refer you to external services such as community support and financial counselling services.

Natural disaster and fast tracking of urgent claims

We support all our customers and their communities by responding to catastrophes and natural disasters efficiently, professionally and compassionately.

If a natural disaster has meant you have to make a claim under your policy and caused you financial hardship, we may:

  • fast track both our assessment of your claim and the process we follow to make a decision about your claim, and/or
  • pay you an advance amount in order to ease your urgent financial need within 5 days once agreed.

If you’re in this position, please let us know – we’re here to support you.

Access to other information and support

Here are free and confidential financial counselling resources that can provide advice to Australians in every state and territory:

National Debt Helpline logo

National Debt Helpline provides free financial counselling that helps people in Australia tackle their debt problems.

Phone: 1800 007 007
(Monday to Friday, 9:30am - 4:30pm)
Visit Website


moneysmart logo

ASIC MoneySmart provides information and tools to help people make financial decisions.

Visit Website

Good Shepherd logo

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand offers affordable financial programs to people who are financially excluded.

Visit Website