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You drive a V8 race car
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  • Here's your chance to drive one of the Adrenalin Challenge V8 Race Cars as seen on Shannons Supercar Showdown.

    Feel the excitement of V8 performance with the team from Fastrack Racing.
  • The Adrenalin /Fastrack Package will have you driving one of the Adrenalin Challenge V8 Race Cars for 6 laps with a professional race car driver/instructor in the passenger seat. These powerful Race Cars are fitted with a 450HP V8, 6-pot brakes, Dunlop V8 Supercar Slick, Bilstein suspension and racing gearbox for an authentic V8 experience

    This Track Experience is available at:
    • Calder Park, Melbourne
    • Eastern Creek, Sydney
    • Barbagallo, Perth
    • Mallala, South Australia
    • Symmons Plains Raceway,
  • Your V8 race car drive day begins with registration, on-track observation laps with an instructor at the wheel covering apexes, braking points and overtaking procedure. Then it's off to the pit lane, where you're fitted out with race suit and helmet.

    You are then strapped in behind the wheel and you're off! Your personal instructor will coach you through the intercom to make sure you go as fast as you can, as safely as you can, on your 6-lap session.

    Your friends will be able to see you cross the finish line from the VIP suite which overlooks the start/finish line. Or get right into the pit, feel the noise and smell the fumes up close and personal.

    Offer ends 31st August, 2014. View Terms and Conditions