GTS and a youngish guy with his girlfriend in a V8 GTS. Right at the end of advertisement the price was revealed: Just $2575. “You can afford one” the voiceover guy said. Great style at a modest price! Australia’s first sports machine! And just four months later it won at Bathurst, and scored the 1968 Wheels Car of the Year Award. Holden had a winner on its hands, but behind the scenes the development of the Monaro from design to driveway was never guaranteed. Our small market made a low volume coupe a marginal business case at best. When planning for the HK range started in early 1964 two door coupes had been on Holden’s agenda for about 12 months. Joe Schemansky, Holden’s first Design Director, had asked Alf Payze and David Veltman, two of his design staff, to create renderings of a HD and HR coupe and convertible, if only to see what they would look like. Payze and Veltman worked up a number of ideas and you can see their renderings in the January 2018 edition of Retroautos. Here’s the LINK. But a HD/HR coupe was very much wishful thinking in 1964. Holden was a too far into the product development process to divert