RetroVoice Australia and we celebrate with the NSW Ford Model A club. It is also the 35th anniversary of the release of the Chrysler Mini-Van, a car which changed the way we think about transportation. It is now considered a classic! And come back with us to 1947 at Mount Panorama for the car and bike races with never-before-published photos. We hope you enjoy this edition. It is published with passion and with pride. Welcome to this edition of Retroautos. It is the anniversary issue! The 1968 HK Monaro was released 50 years ago this month and thanks to the GM Heritage Centre and GM Australia’s design studio we take you behind the security doors of the styling studio and follow the Monaro from design to driveway. Plus, it is the 90th anniversary of the Ford Model A going on sale in HK Holden Monaro image copyright by Shannons