to ensure Robert has his hands full whenever the car requires its direction to be changed. $25 Model A Ken Murphy owns three Model As His first, which he bought in 1969 for just $25 (Yes, $25) is a 1928 Phaeton. It was owned by not one but two little old ladies, sisters, who drove it to church on Sundays. Really, it’s true! “I’ve always liked old cars and I was originally looking for a Model T to buy,” Ken recalls. “Then I saw the Model A and it was cheap, even back in 1969, so I bought it. I was 18 at the time.” The car had been located in the country since it was new, and had been used on a farm for many years. “I found some 303 shells in the back,” Ken says. “I bought it off a guy who had bought it off the sisters. He was going to restore it and never really got around to it,” Ken says. It was Ken’s first and only car for two years. It is now restored. His second Model A is a 1929 Roadster, which he purchased in pieces off a farm near Parkes, NSW. “It was really a chassis with a bit of a body,” Ken admits. All images: Ken Murphy’s 1929 Roadster before and after restoration. 31