Model A Club The first Model A club in Australia was formed in Canberra in 1969 and was joined a year later the by the NSW club. And it is from the NSW club that we bring you the stories of three Model A owners and their cars. Robert Brown, the president of the NSW Model A Ford club, was planning to take me for a drive in his immaculate 1930 Ford Town Sedan as part of the 90th anniversary of the Model A‘s release in Australia. Robert suggested we meet at his late father Gordon’s house so I could also take a look at Gordon’s 1929 Model A Phaeton and his car together. But when I arrived Robert’s Ford was nowhere to be seen. Robert has owned his Town Sedan since 1990. He’s driven it to Perth and back, so it is not car that just sits on a trailer. “I was backing it out of my driveway and it just stopped,” Robert explained. “I think it might have been something electrical.” With no time to diagnose the problem Robert decided that the Phaeton was a perfect substitute. And it is. Make no mistake, it is an amazing car. With its lustrous black mudguards, immaculate canvas roof, glistening chrome, clean and painted engine, beautiful beige body and tan upholstery, this is a classic in every way. Robert has been driving the car since 1982 when his father completed its restoration. “He found it out a Forbes, NSW, in 1979. Paid $800 for it,” Robert says. Photos of the car taken at the time reveal something that looks like it had spent many years partially submerged. “It had been in a gully with clay caked all around the wheels and was in a generally poor state,” Robert remembers. “I first saw it on my 21st birthday,” Robert recalls. “I was home from university in Armidale and Dad took me to the garage, opened the door and told me it was a birthday present. I told him he could keep it!” Gordon joined the Model A club and started the restoration. He found replacement parts by going to swap Image above left: Henry Ford at the wheel of his 20 millionth car, a Model A. He was reluctant to admit that the Model T was finally outdated. Image above: Model A prototype plaster model. (All images Henry Ford Museum) 25