Advertised as “The New Car for 1928” the Model A Ford received an extraordinary welcome around the world. In the USA dealer showrooms were crowded with people eager to view the new car. Millions of people saw the car on its first day of display. Orders were taken in such numbers that it was inevitable that many would have to wait for their car. Just as in America, here in Australia “The New Car” was welcomed by thousands of people when it first went on display in May 1928. A report in the Hobart Mercury dated 26 May 1928, stated that during the four day advance showing of the car in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth, more than 300,000 Australians inspected the displays of “The New Car”. That means that about one in every 20 Australians went to see the new car. The Model A revived Ford’s American fortunes but it was not enough to withstand the sales competition from Chevrolet and Walter Chrysler’s new low priced car, the Plymouth. Ford slipped from its number one status in the USA in 1931, regained it when the flathead V8 was introduced in 1932 but by 1937 GM was market leader again and would not relinquish it. 24