Books have been written about the internal dynamics at the Ford Motor company and the relationship between Edsel and his father, and how that impacted the company’s ability to progress. Quite simply, if Henry had taken the advice of Edsel, the Model A could have been on the market three to four years before it actually appeared, and with considerably less disruption and economic hardship than what occurred. Old Henry’s decision in early 1927 to halt Model T production and re-equip his factories for a new model was swift and dramatic. He sent a telegram to dealers which said that work was starting on an “entirely new Ford car (with a) superior design and performance to any (car) now in low price light car field.” And with that notice the production of the Model T was stopped. The last of the Model T’s came off the assembly line in the USA on 27 May, 1927. And then all of Ford’s factories across the world were progressively shut down and its 180,000 workers laid off. Dealers found themselves with no new cars to sell for the next six months. It was not an easy time. Then, on 2nd December 1927, a new Ford appeared, the Model A. No car since has been as anticipated as the Model A. 23