So much has been written about Henry Ford’s Model T, that no introduction is needed. It is 110 years since the first Model T Ford went on sale in the USA. Australian Model Ts initially came from Canada in wooden cases and were re-assembled here in all states. Local production began at Ford’s factory in Geelong, Victoria, which opened in 1925. By the mid-1920s the Model T was an outdated machine. Despite having put the “world on wheels” and its progressively lower price, sales were starting to fall and new car buyers were wanting more, much more, than the very basic transport offered by the Model T. General Motors and the Dodge Brothers tapped into this increasing level of aspiration and put the Ford company under considerable pressure to develop a successor to the Model T. What had once been seen as a luxury was now becoming standard, for example, the electric self-starter and hydraulic brakes. Behind the scenes at Ford, Henry’s son Edsel, championed the need for a new model. Trouble was, old Henry Ford resisted the idea that his own creation needed to be replaced. And the longer he resisted the more the competition benefited. 22