Components developed for the project carried Holden parts numbers. The initial styling of the Corvair was done in the international styling studio at GM headquarters, not in the Chevrolet studio, to add another layer of secrecy. Some of the clay prototypes carried badges that said “La Salle II by Holden”. Others had “Holden” spelt across the engine cover. The first running prototypes were tested at GM’s Arizona proving grounds. They used development bodies because the final shape had not yet been determined. Badged as a Holden the prototypes used the FE/ FC badges and bits of its chromed trim. A Holden steering wheel and hub caps completed the disguise. (story continues on page 13) Above left: Corvair’s engine in a Porsche. Left: A 1957 Vauxhall Victor was also a development prototype. Top: The first development prototype body being constructed. Above: Engineers work on fitting the Corvair engine to the Porsche. 9