compacts, the Falcon and Valiant. But Cole, the engineer, wanted to go radical. He reasoned that an air cooled engine eliminated all of the complexity, costs and weight of cooling systems. A rear mounted engine also meant no drivelines, saving even more weight and costs. Ed Cole wanted to keep his new car as secret as possible. He did not want the media, the competition and some inside of GM to know what he was developing. To throw everyone off the scent he decided to disguise the project as a development program for Holden in Australia. It was given the code XP76 and Cole went to great lengths to establish the “Holden” deception. He even went to the trouble of using Holden stationery, letterheads and forms with Holden logos on them for all of the paperwork. ed Holden? All Images: Copyright 2018 GM Corp. Used with permission, GM Media Archive. 7