Welcome to this edition of Retroautos. Was there ever a rear engined Holden? Well, the answer is yes, sort of. We go behind the security fences at GM and reveal why the company decided to use Holden badges on its super secret new car, the Corvair, during its development. Plus, we have unearthed other GM development projects that used Holden as a disguise. Thanks to John Kyros at GM Heritage for locating so many of the images. The Corvair design was one of the most copied shapes in the world. Check out which car companies duplicated the Corvair’s styling. Did the Corvair help elect George W. Bush to the US Presidency? Read the story and decide for yourself. We talk with Nairn Hindaugh about his extensive collection of car brochures from all over the world. Retroautos is published with passion and with pride. RetroVoice 5