Nairn Hindhaugh began collecting car brochures at age seven. “I lived on a farm in Victoria and started to ask the local car dealers for brochures. All my school friends did it, too. We collected brochures for cars like Hillman Minx, Sunbeam Talbot, Ford Zephyr and Holden. And I still have them,” he told me. Nairn’s collection grew and grew over the years. “I joined BMC in 1964 and one of the first things I was asked to do was to clean out the advertising department’s storeroom. They had multiple copies of everything related to advertising of BMC cars going back to the 1940s. So, I kept one copy of everything and did what I was told, which meant throwing all the rest in to the garbage bins,” he says. Some of the now very rare BMC items which Nairn saved include the car-to- car competitor comparisons used by sales people in dealerships. After a couple of years at BMC Australia Nairn moved to the United Kingdom where he was able to expand his collection and gained access to material from eastern Europe. Returning to Australia and now located in the Brisbane area, Nairn later acquired Mountain Motor Books. “It came with a considerable amount of stock, so I was able to combine it with my collection and it formed the basis of a solid business of buying and selling car brochures,” Nairn says. 42