Quite simply, the Corvair changed consumer laws on a global scale. The burden of proof on accidental injuries caused by faulty products now fell on those who made and marketed those products. Meanwhile, Nader had become a global celebrity, his name synonymous with consumer rights. In the year 2000, a 66 year old Nader decided to run for President of the USA against then Vice President Al Gore and Republican nominee George W Bush. Nader attracted nearly 95,000 votes in Florida. George W Bush won that state by less than 2000 votes. It was Florida which kept Al Gore out of the White House. Perhaps, had not Nader been on the ballot, it is possible that many of those 95,000 votes would have gone to Gore. And if it had not been for the Corvair, Nader might have been just one of many unknown names on the ballot. You might say, the Corvair legacy elected George W Bush. 39