lp elect W. Bush? Was George W Bush was elected President of the United States because of the Corvair? In his fabulous book, Engines of Change, automotive writer and author Paul Ingrassia outlined his contention that the Corvair had a significant impact on an American Presidential election. It goes like this. During the development of the Corvair the bean counters wanted to save a few dollars per car. A decision was made not to use rear stabilisers on the swing axle rear suspension, The VW Beetle and Renault Dauphine did not use stabiliser bars either. To ensure appropriate handling the Corvair, VW and Renault had to be operated with the front tyres at a much lower pressure than the rear tyres. The car companies left it up to the cars’ owners to regulate this, which was never going to be the best solution. In the years after the Corvair’s release stories of accidents filtered into GM. 37