simpler to build and service. GM got the message. By August 1960, with the Corvair not yet 12 months on the market, Chevrolet had the ChevyII/Nova design locked away. It was released in late 1961. We all know the story of the Corvair and its rear suspension, the inadequacies of which led Ralph Nader to write his book, Unsafe at Any Speed. Despite all of the media attention Chevrolet still managed to sell 1.7 million Corvairs during its nine year production, and its styling was copied by many car makers. Next, read about the Corvair’s design origins, begining on page 22. Left: This June 1957 proposal displays many of the styling themes that would be seen on the Corvair, including the “flat-top” roof line. Badge says “La Salle II by Holden”. 15