Check out these American and Australian Chevrolet advertisements from the mid-sixties. To save money Holden had its advertising agency re-touch American advertisements. Steering wheels shifted from left to right, photos were reversed and Impalas became Bel Airs. What differences can you spot? And Pontiac was not immune, either. Go to our Retro Ads section for more copy cat advertisements. Above: The American Chevrolet Biscayne, was the most lowly of the range, used by taxi companies, police forces and other government agencies. Holden passed it off as a Bel Air by giving it a white roof, rear turn indicators, side trim, Bel Air badges and moved the steering wheel to the right. And bottom left, the American Impala is reconfigured and re- coloured into a local offering. Thanks to Trevor Poulsen for the advertisements. 7