David’s Corsair is an entirely different proposition to his Lotus and GT. Cortinas. It is a family car, through and through. “I heard about it from another member of the club. It was located in a small town along the Hunter River and was due to be taken to the crusher, so I bought it. It was drivable and went well,” he says. The Corsair is a rare sighting in Australia.David knows of only about fifteen other Corsairs in Australia, despite over 300,000 being built in the UK. The model hit the UK showrooms in early 1964 and was intended to fill a market gap between the Cortina and Zephyr/Zodiac. It lasted until 1970. Sharing many of its inner structure and mechanical parts with the Mark I Cortina, the Corsair sits on 101 inch (2565mm) wheelbase. rare corsair That’s three inches (76mm) more than the Cortina. Overall length is an eight inch (20mm) stretch on the Cortina. The difference is those pointy front guards.The car was initially offered with the 1.5 litre Kent engine. In 1965 the range adopted the new 1.7 litre V4 engine. The two litre version was offered in 1966 as an option. David’s car is a two litre V4 automatic. 50