Welcome to this edition of Retroautos. It is published with passion and with pride. The Chevrolets of 1955-57 hold a special place in the classic car world. And we have the story and the photos which trace their design development from 1952. Many thanks to John Kyros at GM Heritage for finding the images that we have published. Peter Hibbert talks to us about what it is like to own a red 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible. It was top of the range in ‘57. The Mark II Ford Cortina celebrates its 50th anniversary in Australia this year. We chat to David Fotheringham, who owns the GT and Lotus versions of these great cars. And we also look at David’s very rare 1966 Ford Corsair, with its unusual V4 engine. This month’s Mixed Grille and Retro Ads showcases how Holden re-used American Chevrolet and Pontiac advertisements in the mid sixties. How many differences can you identify! RetroVoice Cover and contents pages: Images copyright of GM Media 2017. Any copying by any means is prohibited.