The Cortina has not been restored in any way, however its Ermine White paint was given a re-spray sometime in the seventies and the front bumper has been split, Mark I style. Other than that nothing has been touched, and David intends to keep it that way. “There’s no need to make any changes. Why would I? The car is in wonderful condition and I like the patina of age,” he observes. Not content with the Lotus, David also has 1967 GT Cortina. David explains his passion for smaller Fords. “My first car was a 1967 Cortina GT. I bought it in 1977 and sold it a few years later. Then in 1995 I had an opportunity to buy it again, but before I could close the deal the car was stolen and just disappeared. So I decided to buy one anyway. And that got me started.” What he bought was a pre-cross flow engined Mark II GT. Less than 1500 of these were made in Australia, so it too is rare. The GT was originally painted in Radiant Bronze. Now it is silver, having undergone the colour change during its time with the previous owner. At some time in the future David will have it painted in the original colour. Passion for UK Fords Above: Redline tyres. So 1960s! Below: Doors. Doors.Doors. 48