Owning a ‘57 Despite being an avid Ford fan, Peter Hibbert could not resist having a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible in his collection. Peter told us that the car was originally imported from America in the late 1980s to Western Australia. “The guy who imported it found the car in Seattle, USA, where it had been stored for 12 years,” he said. It had travelled only 62,000 miles and had not suffered from corrosion, abuse or accident damage, which is most unusual on all accounts given Seattle’s climate where it rains 150 days a year and its location, which is surrounded by water. Peter continues the story: “The new owner spared no expense and undertook a total restoration using restored original and reproduction items. He converted it to right hand drive using components from an Australian assembled Chevrolet.” The presentation is faultless and the conversion undetectible. “It is a credit to the professional restorer,” Peter says. Peter acquired the matador red rag top in 1991. “I have constantly and painstakingly maintained it in pristine condition. Any feature that appears to be deteriorating is immediately restored using original parts,” he says. Peter’s attention to detail and diligence is invariably rewarded with trophies and awards whenever it is shown. “My family enjoy it immensely and my son often drives it in tandem with another of our classic cars to tours, shows and events,” Peter says. The Fords in Peter’s collection include a 1940 coupe (that was an ex-moonshiners getaway car), 1949 Mercury convertible, a 1956 Fairlane Victoria two door hardtop and a 1964 Australian built Fairlane. 39