The styling of the 1955 Chevrolet was overseen by Clare MacKichan who ran the Chevrolet studios for all of the 1950s, and then moved to Opel in 1962, before returning in 1967 to be the boss of the Advanced Studios. Working with MacKichan on the ‘55 and the later cars were Joe Schemansky (who would become Holden’s first design boss), Carl Renner, Charles Stebbins, Hans Hertia, Duane Bohnstedt, Joe Parks, Fred Jarques, Bob Caderet (who would pen the 1956 Corvette), Bill Tochman, Don Schumer, R.W. Buechler and Bob Diebboll. Legend has it that Diebboll created and sculpted the rear end of the 1958 Chevrolet while the other Chevrolet designers were at lunch one day. Renner had a hand in styling the first Corvette and did the Corvette Nomad, and then shaped the production Nomad, which went from concept to reality in just twelve months. The Chevrolet’s wrap around windscreen caused Ford to match GM. Originally, Ford had considered straight front pillars for 1955. The change was made at great expense and in a big hurry.. Five Chevrolets aret, Robert Diebboll, Joseph Park, Duane a. Inset: Carl Renner. 37