recalls on the GM Heritage website how the ’56 was styled. “The “Ferrari Type” grille proved to be the weak point (of the ‘55s) from a customer standpoint, as they did not relate to the heritage of Ferrari,” he said. “Ed Cole, who I then believe was General Manager of Chevrolet, called MacKichan from Geneva, Switzerland and said he must have a new front end design for the 1956 model.” “MacKichan and his team did a remarkable job of designing this new front end in record time. New hood, front fenders, grille, bumpers and lights”. Chevrolet dealers also complained that the ’55 looked too plain and demanded more chrome and bling. They got it. Headlining the range in 1956 was the four door hardtop, which GM’s Fisher body had pioneered and unveiled a year earlier as Oldsmobile, Buick and Cadillac. It looked stunning. Even so, sales of the ’56 slipped to 1.6 million. Ford was steady at 1.4 million. Right: The Nomad clay in March 1954. Above: Great image of the four door hardtop 22