The sports car was used as a workshop runabout and as a race car on circuits and hill climbs. It was road registered with the number KM 881. In its early days the car was featured in a British car magazine. Warwick and John acquired the car a couple of years ago and overhauled the vehicle. It has run at Winton in 2018, where it won the Regularity category, and Rob Roy. Historic Winton is on again on 17th, 18th and 19th May. Shannon’s Classic Car Park will feature car and bike clubs plus special interest vehicles. Above: Wonderful period photo of the Chandler Lancia. Above left: Big drum brakes dominate the wire wheels. (Neil Hammond image) Left: Low centre of gravity is evident in this photo. Thanks to Leanne Cutler who manages the PR for Historic Winton for the background information on the Lancia. 55