It seems that just about every car that appears at the Historic Winton event each May has a storied history. The Chandler Lancia, driven by Warwick Beanland and his father- in-law, John Hickford, was found in a creek in Maribyrnong, Victoria, in 1945. At the time the car was dragged out of the creek John was working for Ron Chandler, who owned Chandler Motors, and he helped construct the car. It was originally a 1927 Lancia four door tourer. It is an early cut and shut sports conversion, typical of the immediate post WWII era, when those who wanted to go racing made do with what was available, and hopefully, as in this case, free. It is powered by a V8 ford side valve engine. All other running gear is original Lancia Lambda, seventh series. Previous page: Ron Chandler giving Ford V8 Lancia a real work out. Above: The Lancia (right) and a similar car, also built by Ron Chandler. Left: The restored car competing at Historic Winton. (Neil Hammond image) 53