About us at Retroautos Founding Editor David Burrell Website www.retroautos.com.au Address PO Box 243 Jannali NSW 2226 Email david@retroautos.com.au Welcome to this edition of Retroautos. George Akele’s 1978 Cadillac Seville is a pristine example of a car that had a big influence on American automobile shapes in the 1970s and 1980s. The Seville was the first phase of GM’s big gamble strategy to down-size its entire range, brand by brand, and at the same time introduce a new design “language”, the Sheer Look. We trace the development of the Seville in the Design to Driveway feature story, which showcases many images of prototypes that have never been previously published. Once again, thanks to John Kyros at GM Heritage for his research. Dodge’s 1961 FliteWing is another of Chrysler’s many forgotten dream cars that we think deserve a closer look. How about a 1927 Lancia that was found in a creek, converted into a race car and powered by a Ford V8?! And Lismore Speedway celebrates its 50th Anniversary. As always, Retroautos is published with passion and with pride. RetroVoice ler FliteWing image courtesy of Chrysler Historical Services. Image on this on this page is ted. 5