drive car,” says George, “because they reverse the image to make it appear it was shot in the USA.” When the Seville was released Cadillac made much of the slow build rate for the car. “Seville’s were built on a very slow moving production line, about 15 per hour. This compares to 40-50 per hour for a normal Chevrolet,” says George. This allowed for personalised attention during the production process. The advertising and PR campaign pointed out the car weighed 454kg less than a standard DeVille. This was aimed at convincing Mercedes/ BMW/Jaguar buyers that Cadillac was serious about delivering a lighter weight car which delivered lower fuel consumption. At the same time, the Seville brochure reassured traditional Cadillac buyers that the things they admired about Cadillac had not changed: “Seville is a new expression of Cadillac. International in size. Timeless in styling. Cadillac in craftsmanship.” ure of the Seville. upe de Ville. 15