president, Jack Telnack, championed the “aero” revolution in 1983 with the svelte Ford Thunderbird. But even after Ford embraced “aero”, Mitchell’s sharp creases and upright C pillars still influenced Chrysler’s stylists until they went with the cab- forward design ideas in 1992. Then again, the Seville’s origami- like styling has similarities with many of mid-sixties designs coming from Chrysler styling boss Elwood Engel, and I’d include his 1961 Lincoln Continental in that comparison which was shaped when he was at Ford. It’s a topic to explore in more detail in the accompanying Design to Driveway feature on the Seville. Three year search George’s desire to own a classic American automobile goes back to when he was much younger and members of his family owned Pontiacs and Chevrolets. “I loved the sound of the V8 and the way the cars felt on the road. My thoughts then progressed to the style and luxury of Cadillacs. The dream to have one became a reality,” he says. “I’ve owned it for 20 years and it took me three years to find it,” he says. “I saw a number of different Cadillacs during the time I was searching and there was always something just not to my liking, such as the colour or the amount of worked needed to fix up things.“ 12