b'RetroVoice I have assembled a fascinating Welcome to the August 2020 editioncollection of images that trace the ofRetroautos development of the XK Falcon from .design to driveway. There are many It has been 60 years since the Fordmight-have-been styling proposals Falcon and Mercury Comet werethat Im sure you will be thankful released in the USA and, as at 14thnever made it onto the roads!September 2020, it will be 60 years since the Falcon made its AustralianIm also turning the spotlight on the debut. Mercury Comet, a disguised Falcon. It sold well in the USA, creating a new The world was certainly a differentmid-sized market category which led place back then. In Australia, if youto the Fairlane.were a family looking to buy a car, your choice was largely limited toPlus, Ive delved into my dads photo the FB Holden, Fords American andalbum and take you back to America UK range and BMCs localised UKin November in 1960, to visit the GM models. Motorama in New York and gaze upon the Big Apples streets, full of Then, suddenly the XK Falcon wasbig shiny cars.in the showrooms and affordable choice had arrived in the familyAs always,Retroautos is published car market: choice of engines,with passion and with pride.transmissions and styling.'