b'GM looking like it was playingAbove: No, this is not a styling proposal catch up with its 1961 trio: Pontiacfor the 1965 Ford Falcon Fairmont Tempest, Oldsmobile F85 andwagon. It is the 1961 Mercury Comet. Buick Special. This led to theThe XP Falcon, wearing the Comet front intermediate segment, which Fordend, is below.again pioneered with the 1962 Fairlane. More XK Falcon on Shannons Club: Classic Garage LINK Shannons TV series LINKThe Comet has an Australian connection. The front end of the 1965 XP Falcon was taken directly from the 1960 Comet. The new three inch/76mm longer fenders did wonders for the local Falcons appearance.37'