b'No mistaking the 1960 Comet, above, from the rear. The slanted fins and big oval tailights hint at Edsel styling themes.Tom Bonsall says that thePriced at just $US79 (4%) more preliminary plans to shut downthan the basic Falcon, the extra the Edsel division only includedoutlay gave buyers real value for discontinuing the full-sized cars.money. The Comet would have appeared as the only Edsel branded modelFor starters, it had a 114 within Lincoln-Mercury dealerships. inch/2896mm wheel base. This was a four inch/102mm extension When the entire Edsel brand wasover the Falcon and the same as terminated in November 1959, thethe full-size 1949 Ford. All of the Edsel connection was dropped. extra length went into rear seat legroom and boot capacity. So, how well did the Comet sell? By any measure it was a success.Dual headlights, a very distinctive From March to December 1960,Thunderbird roof line, more 116,000 were bought. Annualised,substantial front fenders, an that is 157,000 units, putting itintricate grille and big cantilever fourth behind the Falcon (456,703),rear fins with oval taillights cleverly Chevrolet Corvair (250,000) andhid the humble Falcon origins. The Valiant (197,000). Combinedinterior was a cut above the Falcon annualized figures for the Falconwith a flashier dashboard and and Comet were a healthyhigher quality upholstery.613,000.The Comet opened up a new It is not hard to see why the Cometsegment, the senior compact, was an attractive proposition.and set a benchmark which had 36'