b'The Other FalconWith all the focus on the Falconsbecause hed opposed the 60th anniversary, lets not forgetEdsels development right from the the Mercury Comet.beginning.Released on 17th March, 1960, theDespite the Edsels slow sales, the Comet, which was based on thefuture product plans included the Falcon, was originally meant to bedevelopment of a smaller car and a small Edsel. the Falcon was the starting point. Ford had high hopes for theIt was given the project code name Edsel full-sized cars, but with its Canberra, according to author monthly sales figures becomingTom Bonsall.depressingly grim, its longevity was being questioned.The car was positioned as a medium-priced compact and And Robert McNamara wasis close to what Lewis Crusoe doing most of the questioning,originally envisaged for the LAvion.35'