b'in Dearborn: The Story of the Edsel The problems were eventually fixed , author Tom Bonsall revealed that itbut the reputational damage had went under the project code namebeen done and it was 1965 before Canberra. See my separate storyFord Australia was really able to beginning page 34. regain credibility and start to take market share from HoldenThe US Falcon was released on 2nd September, 1959, sellingaFrom an Australian perspective massive 456,703 in its first year.the Falcon provided a choice between its modernity and Meanwhile in Australia, the FalconHoldens dependability. The Falcon was being localised. The Australianestablished a benchmark of what team had some misgivings aboutan Australian family car buyer the Falcons durability but theought to expect in terms of power Americans had assured them thatand equipment.they were doing plenty of testing. Yeah, right. The Falcons basic underpinnings remained in place for many Launched in a blaze of expensive advertising that stressed the car was AustralianWith a World of Difference the Falcon went on sale in September 1960. The station wagon appeared two months later.The impact of the car was immediate and, surprisingly, caught Holden somewhat off guard. In every way the Falcon looked a winner. Every way except one: front suspension durability. Durability issues ought to have been no surprise. The car was, after all, built to a price. It was not expected to be durable. It was expected to be cheap, used for few years, and traded in on something newer.30'