b'teams were created, one of which comprised Gale Halderman and Don De La Rossa. A make-shift studio was built for them in the basement of Fords design centre. The simple shape which Gale and Don created had shallow concave sides which flowed around into the back end and wrapped around the tail lights. In a 1985 interview with David Crippen, at theBenson Ford Research Centre, Halderman said of the Falcon: At the time when the company was trying to develop a Falcon, they couldnt get a design. We had to go down in the basement and we designed the car that eventually had that sculpture on the side and round taillight on the back.De La Rossa was interviewed for Collectible Automobile magazine (April 2003) by Jim Farrell. Said Don about the Falcon: The designers originally assigned to Top right: The Halderman/De La Rossa shape is right on target. The T-Bird roof will be seen on the Mercury Comet and held until 1962 for the Falcon. The tubes along the rear fender will be eliminated as cost considerations reduce the design to its essential basics.Right The design had evolved into its final form when this photo was taken in late 1958.26'