b'Twenty full sized clay models were constructed. Many of the design proposals and carried names such as Astrion, Valkyrie and Allegro. The LAvion was integrated into the XK project While the styling was progressing, the engineers were experimenting with four and six cylinder engines and endeavouring to keep the cars weight under 2400 pounds/1098kgs.In their quest to find the right shape the Thunderbird team used just about every Ford design motif in one form or another. All proposals featured complicated surface angles and curves which would be expensive to stamp into metal. They were better suited to a car that commanded a high price, like a Thunderbird, to cover the manufacturing costs.None of the proposals appealed to the decision makers. The LAvion was an early exit from considerations. Its design themes were sent to the UK and applied to the 1959 Anglia and 1961 Consul Classic. In an ironic twist, the LAvion appeared on the cover of the Motor Trends September 1959 edition, headlining a report about How Fords Falcon was StyledTo inject some new ideas into the styling project additional design 25'