b'small car. But he hedged his bets. It would be sold at a medium price. Small cheap cars meant no profits, remember. It was given the project name LAvion.Designed by Buzz Grisinger between late 1956 and early 1957 the car combined cantilevered rear fins and a reverse slant C pillar.While the LAvion was in development Lewis suffered a massive heart attack and had to retire in May 1957. McNamara was promoted into his job.Below: Did someone obtain some insideMcNamaras idea for a small car information about GMs Corvair? was very different to Crusoes. Rather than offering a medium priced car, McNamara calculations told him that a small car could sold at a low price and still be very profitable, provided it was simple and cheap to manufacture.The research said that if it was compact, roomy, economic and easy to manoeuvre there was a substantial market waiting for it. 21'