b'found a lonely 400 buyers that year, and all through importer Max Hoffmans Park Avenue showroom in New York (see side bar story). Small cars are just a fad, so thought Detroits Big Three.When the 1956 production numbers were calculated, imports now accounted for 107,000 sales, mostly small cars, of which 36,000 were VWs. American produced small cars totalled 100,000. Buyerpreferences were slowly shifting.In 1958 was the breakout yearAfter being eliminated as a possible Falcon, for imports. The US governmentthe LAvion was used as the basis for the reported that 433,000 cars hadFord Anglia and Consul Classic, below.been off-loaded at ports across America, securing 9.50% of the market, twice the share of Fords Mercury/Edsel/Lincoln division.VWs sales topped 55,000. Over half of the imported brands such as Hillman, Simca, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Singer, Renault, DAF, Skoda, Opel, Vauxhall, Volvo, Fiat, MG, Triumph, Peugeot, Austin and Morris were sold by American make dealerships. Meanwhile, American Motors (AMC) sold 147,000 of their smaller American and Rambler models in 1958, leapfrogging them from 12th to 7th in market ranking. They even sold 13,000 of the little Austin- 1961 Consul Classic.engined Metropolitans that year.On top of that, Crusoe and McNamara had their own import 18'