b'in 1946 by Henry Ford II (HFII) and Ernst Breech, also ex-GM, to help them with the companys turnaround strategy.Actually, more like a survival strategy. Crusoe held a series of influential Image copyrightFCA Historical Services. jobs including chief financial officer and Vice President of the Ford car and truck divisions. Along with Breech and HFII, he decided what cars Ford would develop.Like so many others, HFII, Breech and Crusoe had a high degree of scepticism about the profitability of smaller cars. Top: 1949 Plymouth P17 wagon. On the other hand, Crusoe was not Above: 1949 Ford Vedette. Thisjust another numbers savvy bean car was briefly considered tocounter executive. He actually have potential to be Fords mainliked cars and used data and model in the USA. market research to inform himself of what might be the next big thing.He championed the development of a premium-priced sports-luxury car, which became the Thunderbird. As early as 1955 he saw the need to make the T-Bird a four-seater and authorised work on that project to commence. Crusoe also actively campaigned to expand Fords presence in the medium-priced car segment and take the fight to De Soto, Chrysler, Buick and Oldsmobile. The Image copyrightGM Media 2020. outcome was the Edsel.15'