b'And it was the MK IIA that Smith and his team were heading to Dearborn to review and approve. What they saw, by all accounts, was not to their liking. Authors Michele Cook and Douglas Wallace in their bookFord Australia write that Smith was scathing about the MK IIAs appearance. Ive not been able to find any photos of the MK IIA prototype, but it is easy to speculate that it was a MK II with new front and rear fenders. Below: Staged photo of the Ford UKBy chance the Australians also design team with the new 1956 MK IIsaw another car, which had the range. It was styled mostly in the USA. code name XK Thunderbird. It was a compact car by American standards and about the same dimensions as the Zephyr. It was due for release in September 1959 as a 1960 model. Dr Norm Darwin in his bookThe History of Ford in Australia quotes Brian Inglis as saying there was no doubt which was the better looking car.In one of those legendary automotive industry moments, Smith and his team decided to ditch the Zephyr and go for the XK Thunderbird, soon to be called A flashy 1952 For Customline convertible. Falcon.Inset: Ford Zephry.Work on styling the US Falcon had begun in November 1957, however it was far from being Fords initial 11'