b'The only real option was to develop its own version of the Zephyr MK II, which it was then building at its Geelong factory. The MK IIs wheelbase of 107 inches/2718mm and 159 cu.in/2.6-litre six cylinder engine gave it an advantage over Holdens dimensions and performance.But there were three problems.First: The MK II Zephyr was a heavier car and more expensive to build than the Holden. It would require a weight reduction program and increased local content to make it price competitive. Above: The 1952 American full-sized Ford was the design template for the Second: The long range plans for1956 UK Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac MK II.a totally new British MK III Zephyr included a V6 engine and, possibly, independent rear suspension and four wheel disc brakes. Significant money would have to be spent strengthening and Australianising that car.Third: The MK II Zephyr was a scaled-down version of the 1952 Ford Customline, and by 1960 its design would be a decade old.Smith and his team decided to bypass the British MK III and transition the MK II into a MK IIA, just for Australia. He asked Ford in the USA to develop a styling proposal, because Ford Australias rudimentary studio did not have the equipment nor enough qualified people to style the car.10'