From 12th January 2017 Just Car Insurance* will be no longer be issuing insurance policies. Your current Just Car Insurance policy remains unchanged until renewal, at which time you may be sent an insurance offer from Shannons.

Shannons insurance is for motoring enthusiasts across Australia. We know your car is of special significance to you. It's the hard work and dedication you put into your car that makes it well worth protecting. We understand that not every vehicle is stock standard and that you like to modify and accessorise your car to reflect your personal taste. That's why Shannons policies can be tailored to include legal mods and non-standard accessories.

When you call Shannons, you'll talk to people who know cars and share the same passion you do. Shannons Comprehensive Car Insurance has features that car enthusiasts really appreciate.

*Insurance is issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 AFSL 230859 (AAI) trading as Just Car Insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Features

Agreed Value

We agree the value of your car, taking into consideration the care you have given it and any improvements or modifications you have made.

Your Choice of

Shannons gives you the option to choose the repairer of your choice, or you can ask Shannons to appoint a qualified assessor to manage the repairs for you. It's all about peace of mind in the event you need to make a claim.

Total Loss
Salvage Options

If your car is older than 35 years and is involved in an accident where it is a total loss, you have the option of retaining your unrepaired vehicle. If your vehicle is less than 35 years old, you will have the first option to purchase your unrepaired vehicle.

Additional features

  • New replacement car in the event of a total loss, if within 12 months of first registration and you're the first registered owner
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs authorised by Shannons
  • One free windscreen or window glass claim, per vehicle per year
  • 14 Day car hire following theft, to a limit of $1,500
  • Up to $500 for emergency repairs and $500 for accommodation if you're more than 100km from home.
  • $20 Million legal liability for bodily injury to, or damage to, the property of others
Cover Options

Cover options

Laid Up Cover

If your car is in the process of restoration and is not currently being driven, our laid up cover will reduce your premium.

Limited Usage Cover

If you don't drive your car regularly, special premium rates may be available, based on the restricted use of your car.

Club Plate Cover

If your car is registered with Club Plates special premium rates may be available.

Options & Discounts

Pay your Premiums by the Month

Unlike many others, we won't charge you any extra to pay monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Protected No Claim Discount

If you have been on Rating One for the past three years and you have an at fault claim, your no claim discount won't be affected.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Shannons offer premium discounts where two or more vehicles are insured on the one policy, such as special vehicles (including those with Laid Up Cover) and your Daily Drive.

Multi-Policy Discount

If you have a motor policy with Shannons and then take out a Home and Contents policy with us, you will receive a discount of up to 10% off your Home and Contents premium.

Product Disclosure Statement

All benefits are a summary only. For full details, please read the Motor Insurance Product Disclosure Statement before making any decisions regarding this product.

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