Introducing a new Shannons Motor Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for new policies commencing on or after 15 May 2020 or policies renewing on or after 15 June 2020. It is an important legal document that contains details of the product you purchase. The PDS details the levels of cover (and the additional features and additional covers they include) and the optional covers you may be able to choose to purchase.

The purpose of this page is to advise you of the various changes that we have made to our Shannons Motor Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS):


New Optional Covers Available for an Extra Premium

Shannons Roadside Assist

Shannons Roadside Assist (RSA) for motor vehicles & motorcycles.

If you purchase this option, Roadside Assist helps you with:

  • Changing a flat tyre;
  • Towing your vehicle to your choice of repairer or your home;
  • Jump starting or charging a flat battery;
  • Minor breakdown related repairs;
  • Emergency fuel delivery (maximum value of fuel $10);
  • Lost or locked-in keys, by spare key delivery or locksmith attendance.
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Hire Car After an Event for Unlimited Days

Available with comprehensive insurance (regular use) for motor vehicles and motorcycles. If you purchase this option, the most we will pay is $90 per day and the benefit stops the day:

  • Your vehicle is returned undamaged;
  • We repair your vehicle and return it to you;
  • We settle your claim.

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New Covers Included in the PDS

Additional features and additional covers available depend on the level of cover and type of vehicle.

Additional Feature: Baby capsules and child seats up to $750 per item

Additional Feature: Transport cover; e.g. costs of you or the driver to your destination or to and from the repairer/hire car provider (up to a total of $250 per claim)

Additional Cover: Third party property damage for caravans and trailers

General Exclusions

The General Exclusions have been refreshed and we have some new exclusions for you to be aware of:

  • Asbestos
  • Consequential losses or extra costs following an incident covered by your policy
  • Dangerous goods
  • Deliberate acts
  • Replacement of non-damaged parts
  • Sale
  • Unattended vehicle
  • Unlawful purposes
  • Unlicensed driving/riding
Shannons Motor Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Summary of Changes to Cover

Additional Features, Additional Covers and Optional Covers

New ‘Summary of Additional features, Additional covers and Optional covers’ table to assist you in navigating the new format.

Additional Benefits

‘Additional benefits’ have been separated into ‘Additional features’ which require an insured incident to occur before an additional feature can be applied, and ‘Additional covers’ which can be claimed independently of an insured incident.

Racing Cover

Racing Cover has changed from automatically applying to vehicles aged 60 years or more, to automatically applying to vehicles manufactured prior to 1961.

New Vehicle Replacement

New Vehicle Replacement is now called 'New Vehicle After a Total Loss for Vehicles Less Than Two Years Old'. This has been upgraded from vehicles less than 1 year old.

Hire Car Following Theft

‘Hire Car Following Theft’ has increased from 14 days to 21 days hire car and we will arrange the hire car for you.

One Excess Free Windscreen or Window Glass Claim

Where your windscreen can be safely repaired, ‘One Excess Free Windscreen or Window Glass Claim’ now offers one repair without you having to pay an excess or losing your one excess free glass replacement.

Flexible Excess

You may be able to choose a ‘Flexible Excess’ that applies in addition to your ‘Basic Excess’ to reduce your premium.

Theft of Keys and Re-Coding

We have removed the additional benefit ‘Theft of Keys and Re-Coding’. Stolen keys (but not lost keys) are covered as part of your vehicle.

Motoring Events

Clarification of when we will cover your vehicle at motoring events.

Shannons Motor Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Changes to the Claims Section

Changes have been made to the claims section including introducing or changing:

For example;

  • To process the claim, you must
  • To establish a loss
  • Excesses
  • If your vehicle is damaged
  • When we authorise repairs to your vehicle we will (including parts policy)
  • If your vehicle is a total loss

For full details of what is and isn’t covered, please read the Motor Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).
Please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before you make any decision regarding this product.
The Target Market Determination is also available.