Comprehensive Bike Insurance Features

Agreed Value

We agree the value of your bike with you and take into consideration the care you have given it and any improvements or modifications you have made.

Your Choice of

Shannons gives you the option to choose the repairer of your choice, or you can ask Shannons to appoint a qualified assessor to manage the repairs for you. It's all about peace of mind in the event you need to make a claim.

Riding Gear Cover

Shannons includes cover for your riding gear such as helmets (including visor and/or radio communications), gloves, leather jackets and pants, boots and other specific riding gear - up to $3,000 for the rider, $1,500 for a pillion passenger, with a maximum of $1,000 per item, if you have an accident or theft claim.

Additional features

  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs authorised by Shannons
  • $20 Million legal liability for bodily injury to or damage to the property of others
  • Cover for legal modifications
  • Hire car after a not at fault incident, while your bike is off the road
Cover Options

Cover options

Special Low Usage Rates

If your bike is not your main form of transport and you don't use it regularly, you could benefit from lower usage rates. Simply let us know how regularly you use your bike (eg. on a weekly or monthly basis) and lower premiums may apply.

Flexible Coverage

Shannons also offer special premiums for comprehensive insurance of bikes that are laid up, being restored, at repair shops, at club events, are rarely ridden, or are specially modified.

Savings... Everyday!

Shannons customers can access everyday savings of up to 15% from over 100 popular retailers via the Suncorp App!

Eligibility criteria and limits apply.

Options & Discounts

Pay your Premiums by the Month

Unlike many others, we won't charge you any extra to pay monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Shannons acknowledge that many bike enthusiasts have more than one ride, which is why we offer a discount when you insure more than one bike or car with us on one policy. Shannons have competitive rates for your everyday car as well. Remember - the more bikes and cars you insure with Shannons, the more discounts you can receive (limits apply).

Multi-Policy Discount

If you have a motor policy with Shannons and then take out a Home and Contents policy with us, you will receive a discount of up to 10% off your Home and Contents premium.

Product Disclosure Statement

All benefits are a summary only. For full details of what is and isn’t covered, please read the Motor Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). You should read the PDS before buying this insurance.


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