21 August 2013

A man returns to the small town where his mother disappeared 40 years ago and uncovers the truth. Peter Richards (who could have been one of the greatest stars of our generation) sleep-walks his way through this film, phoning in his performance... actually he always seemed to be on his phone when we were shooting, organising his renovations, constantly busy, and getting him to actually agree to hang up the phone and perform a take (or even just turn up) was hard, not as hard as getting him to read the script and know what was happening in the story (which was impossible). I think to this day he believes it was a World War 1 adventure about biplanes. This film was made fundamentally with no budget and for the most part a total crew of two, sometimes (rarely) three. And sometimes when the crew was two, the second person was acting as well! So that's an achievement. I've already said it would have been an achievement for Peter to read the script or know what was going on moment to moment, but on the bright side, the dog was excellent and the dog read the script! So thankyou Coco, thankyou for your patience and your professionalism! Dog Oscars await... although apparently awards don't interest you, it's all about the work.