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USA Pacific Bus Museum: Classic Restos Series 33

By Shannons - Published on 21 December 2016

Fletch departs from his love of classic cars & trucks and ventures to another passion of his,  classic buses at the Pacific Bus Museum in Fremont California. This museum is home to 24 classic buses either fully restored or in the process of restoration. Ron from the museum talks Fletch through a range of beautifully restored coaches, including a 1945 Early 60's Greyhound featuring a 4 cylinder engine and 4-speed mechanical transmission, a 1955 GM Transit Bus with a 6 cylinder engine and 4-speed mechanical transmission, a 1955 Flxible Visy Coach used in rural communities with smaller seating capacity of 29 passengers with a 6 cylinder engine & 6 speed mechanical transmission. There's more with a 1985 MCI coach, this model was very popular in its time with over 7,000 built and finally the best saved till last, the iconic 1955 Double Decker Greyhound Coach considered the quintessential coach with two - GM diesel power plants linked by a fluid coupling and 5-speed transmission.