USA, Murray the Mopar Collector: Classic Restos Series 32

31 October 2016

Fletch returns to the US for a new series of Classic Restos. In the first show Fletch visits Ohio and collector Murray, who from a very early age with the support of his father became a Mopar collector. Today Murray lives and breathes Mopars with over 1,000 on his property in Ohio. Murray talks about his early obsession with cars and how Mopars became his car of choice and talks about 3 very special Mopars in his collection. A 1974 Dodge Monaco in 'Blues Brother ' livery, a 1962 Chrysler Imperial Crown and his personal favourite a 1964 Imperial designed by former Ford design vice president Elwood Engel, influential in the design of the Lincoln series. Watch out for the next episode in the new series direct from the USA.