USA, Gilmore Heritage Center: Classic Restos Series 33

07 December 2016

Fletch visits the Gilmore Heritage Center, the largest Museum in North America comprising 180,000 sq ft of exhibition space set on 90 acres. The center showcases the great American automotive manufacturers with each brand exhibit a recreated dealership of the period. Fred, the Director of Education for the Gilmore, takes Fletch to the Lincoln exhibit, to see the 1939 Lincoln that was built specifically for the visit of King George 6th and Queen Elizebeth 1st to Canada. A tribute to Edsel Ford is the 1940 Lincoln Continental Zephyr that he had a significant influence on the design of. Finally a 1979 Lincoln last of the big American automobiles. Next Fletches ventures to the Cadillac exhibit, the most recent addition to the Gilmore that recreates a complete 1940 Cadillac Dealership and inspects two stunning vehicles a 1937 Cadillac 4 door with a stainless steel roof and a 1930 Cadillac V16 Roaster in as new condition. Last but not least the Ford Exhibit that is a replica of a 1928 Dealership and tribute to the Model A Ford, complete with service bays and gas pumps. Fred, the Director of Education, takes you through the changes that were introduced to the Model A Ford and inspects the very first Model A produced, built for Henry Ford's long-time friend Thomas Edison. As Fletch commented the Gilmore is so large, you need a couple of days to take in everything there is to see at this remarkable Automotive Museum.